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The story behind the podcast World Web Stories and why you should listen to it. Learn more about the genesis of the podcast.
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Why the podcast World Web Stories is unique?

World Web Stories (WWS) was first created in 2017 by David Dias. The original concept was to interview people with atypical path and working in the Internet industry. Only 5 episodes were aired with the particularity to all done in French.

In 2021, in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, David Dias revamp the initial concept and decided to interview people passionate or working with Internet from all countries in the world!

Finding people in some countries may probably be more challenging than others but World Web Stories wants to give the opportunity to people to share their stories and what it means to work with the web where they live.

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My favorite equipment: the Zoom LiveTrack L-8 and the Rode Procaster

Where can I listen to the podcast?

This current website allows you to directly play any episode of World Web Stories.

But you may consider following us on most of the podcast platforms:

How the website was built?

The World Web Stories website was created by David Dias using Gatsby, which is a React static generator. The code is on Github and hosted on Netlify. WWS is also using Tailwind for the CSS, big shoutout to Adam Wathan and the whole community behind the project.

I also use these external services / tools:

  • Cloudinary: for most of the images, gives me a lot of flexibility and ways to optimize, crop etc...
  • Mailchimp: for sending automatic emails to guests and for the newsletter
  • Airtable: for managing guests and episodes
  • Zapier: to automate tasks between Airtable and Mailchimp


About the podcast

World Web Stories is the podcast that tells the stories of web enthusiasts from all around the world. Every week, I interview someone from a different country, in one of the 5 continents. We talk about their story, their passion and what it means to work with web where they live.

* people passionate about the web, professionals and hobbyists

Hosted by David Dias

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