Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Find out the most questions asked about the podcast. I will add more questions / answers along the way but if something is missing feel free to contact me!
Why launching another podcast? Why launching "World Web Stories"?

Plenty of podcasts already exist, so why launching a new one? I've always been interested in people, discovering new culture and learn more about different ways of living and thinking. With all the possibilities offered by Internet, it's easy to reach anyone from anywhere. I decided to challenge myself in trying to reach people over the world that would be willing to share a little bit of their story and experience.

Why should I fill a form online to be a guest?

Because I receive many requests from different people and different countries, I need to keep track of who wants to be a guest in the podcast. When you fill the form, everything is saved on Airtable, a Google Spreadsheet alike. It saves me time and I also reuse some of these information on the website.

What is the process from filling the form and record the interview?

Once you fill the "Be a guest" form, if you are selected, you should receive an email with a Calendly link. Calendly is a service that helps to schedule an interview. If you are not selected, you are also going to receive an email explaining the next step.

How long should take the interview?

The interview should take around 60 minutes but each episode should be around 40 minutes. I always add some extra time to know a little bit more about the person before pressing record and after to get some feedbacks.

What is the best way for me to be ready for the interview?

Ensure that you have a stable connection, that's probably one of the most important aspect. In some rare cases, you may only be able to use your telephone line without Internet. Let me know if it's the case. You should also ensure that you are in a quiet environment to avoid any noises in the background. You don't need a professional microphone, just choose the best option for you that will ensure a good sound of your voice.

What are the kind of questions you will ask?

I usually go with the flow of what the guest says. I always prepare some questions based on my research and what usually the audience wants to know. Questions usually are around your professional story, how you've become the person you are today. I also want to know more about your country and your culture. In case you don't like a specific question, just let me know and I will remove it during the editing.

How much time should between submitting my profile and receiving an answer?

When you fill the "Be a guest" form, you will not receive an invitation for scheduling the interview right away. It could take few days before receiving another email. Because the first season aim to interview one person from each country, you may receive an email without an invitation. That doesn't mean I will never be in the podcast, just not at the moment.

I'm not confident in English, is it a problem?

Let me tell you a secret, I'm not either! I'm a native French and have been living in Toronto, Canada since 2018. I do podcast in French but in English, it's a whole new story. So don't be afraid if you don't feel confident. If your english is enough for you to tell your life story, that's good enough!

Do you have any business behind the podcast?

Nope. I want to give my free time to work on this podcast. That's also why I automated a lot of tasks (sending emails, etc), to really dedicate my time doing interviews and editing (that part I can't automate too much).

How do you see "World Web Stories" evolving?

When you start a new project, you never know where and until when it will go. I want this podcast to be a door to discover new people, new stories and give the ability to anyone to express what they love about web and be in this world in the 21 century.


About the podcast

World Web Stories is the podcast that tells the stories of web enthusiasts from all around the world. Every week, I interview someone from a different country, in one of the 5 continents. We talk about their story, their passion and what it means to work with web where they live.

* people passionate about the web, professionals and hobbyists

Hosted by David Dias

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