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David Dias
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World Web Stories is a new podcast about web enthusiasts I'm meeting every week all over the world. In this short episode zero, I'm presenting myself and explain why I'm launching this new podcast.

In this short episode zero, David Dias presents himself and why he is launching the podcast "World Web Stories".


  • If you are interested in talking about your experience and you life story, feel free to fill the form to be a guest.

Episode Summary

This episode is a small introduction about myself and the genesis of the podcast. This project is not about me, but it's about passionate people around the globe who have all incredible stories to share. My challenge will be now to find at least one person in each country of the world!


Welcome to the episode 0 of the podcast "World Web Stories". The only podcast that makes you discover stories of web enthusiasts around the world. Every week, I interview someone who is passionate about the web. We talk about their life story, their failures and their successes. Join me, join us on this weekly adventure around the globe!

And today it's a special episode because it's the episode zero of the podcast. And I'm going to talk about the genesis of the project and who I am. So let's start, let's dig in. I'm David Dias, I'm actually a French and I'm living in Toronto, in Canada since 2018.

The project "World Web Stories" initially started in 2017. I was living in Mauritius and I thought about interviewing Francophone people, around the world about what they do in life, mostly people working with web. At this time I did five episodes. They're all on YouTube, if you want to check out. And then few weeks ago, I thought that you would be interesting to resurrect that project and interview people around the world.

I'm passionate about people. I'm passionate about life stories in these times of COVID and a lot of people change their habits. A lot of people are not traveling anymore. I found that it would be interesting to. Reach all these people living everywhere in the world and interview them, for the podcast.

To talk a little bit more about myself, I've been developing since I was 15. I started working on websites with tables and I really start working professionally when I was 27. I did a bunch of things. I've, I lived in different countries. I was living in Brazil before that. Um, I work as a photographer. I worked, as a journalist. I did a lot of things that I've been always passionate about, but web development brought me something special in my life. And I've been doing this every day for the past 10 years.

One of my goal with that new podcast is to bring you stories about people passionate about the web, where they live. One of my goal with that podcast is to bring all these passionate people, living around the world, having different challenges, having different ways of working and bring them to the podcast for them to share their stories, their life stories, and what they do, how they do it and why. I think it would be really interesting to know, and to open our mind to know more about how people work with web around the globe.

If you know someone, or if you are interesting in being part of the podcast, please go on the world web stories dot com slash be a guest, and fill the form so that I can know a little bit about you. I can do some research and then I can contact you to schedule an interview. Feel free to share the website and this episode with anyone, you know, and hopefully we will have, in the first season, one person per country.

I'm really, really, really excited to talk to you all and share your stories on the podcast. I see you around. Bye bye.

David Dias

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David Dias


Software Engineer with a passion for Front-End & UX / UI • Life hacker who ♥ coding, meditation and solving digital and human problems.


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World Web Stories is the podcast that tells the stories of web enthusiasts from all around the world. Every week, I interview someone from a different country, in one of the 5 continents. We talk about their story, their passion and what it means to work with web where they live.

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Hosted by David Dias

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